Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

My theme today was going to be about the signs the Universe gives you so that you know you are on the right track.  And then, our plumbing blew up, water flooded our bathroom, threatened our bedroom and poop ended up floating int the front planter.  What the hell kind of sign is that?  Hmmm, could it be that I need to clean some shit out of my life?  Okay, message received!

So, getting back to my original thoughts, after starting this, and coming to grips with the fact that I definitely need to make changes, I had to take some time to decide what those changes are going to look like.  I wanted to be careful not to bite off too much at once, to make it impossible for me to succeed.  A few changes a day to start, and see where those lead.  One change I wanted to make right away was to become more active so I promised I would move every day.  That seems easy enough.  Until I woke up yesterday, bleary eyed, to more June Gloom.  Surely I didn’t need to start this morning.  The boyfriend (The Architect), ever willing to support me in my efforts at self improvement was ready to go but even that wasn’t enough to motivate me.  And then I thought about you guys.  All three of you (so far!) and how I had made a promise to myself to be honest here, and how much better I’d feel typing “I walked a mile!” than “I pulled the covers up over my head and slept another thirty minutes.”  See, it’s working already!  We got up, walked, critiqued every house in our neighborhood, came home and had coffee and a healthy breakfast.  On our walk, (we did walk a mile, by the way) we talked about a lifestyle plan that would work for both of us, and my seventeen year-old daughter (The Girl).  Me on a strict diet just makes everyone cranky, not to mention how much enjoyment we get out of food.  Not just the eating of it, but the preparation and the community of sitting down together.  That doesn’t work so well if the only thing I can nibble on is carrot sticks.  Plus, I hate the word diet and I’m firmly convinced it is Diets, and not money, that are the root of all evil.  But clearly, changes needed to be made.  This brought us to the Abs Diet. (I know, the D word but it is a good plan!)  We had both followed this several years ago, with great results but had slowly gotten lazy and drifted away from it.  The plusses are that you can eat just about as much as you want, no calorie counting and really tasty food. I won’t go into a lot of detail, as there are plenty of books on it, but will just give a basic outline, so you can cheer me along. Basically, there are Power Foods, and the goal is to eat as many of them as you can in each meal.  The other big key is to eat every three hours or so, to keep your engine running.  That is probably my biggest problem, going too long without eating, and then cramming whatever I can find into my mouth.  Not a good way to live, especially when what I usually find is chips and dip or anything with cheese melted on it.

So here came the Sign I was originally talking about. We went to Barnes and Noble after breakfast and there, beckoning to me, was the new Abs Diet Cookbook, on sale for $6.97!  It was just what I need to get re-inspired and remember why I like this plan so much.  We read it on our drive to a birthday party, and even though I hadn’t even committed to it, it kept me from shoving even one potato chip into my mouth and helped me skip the cake, which I really don’t like anyway, but would have eaten just because.

Now it is like a game.  How many power foods in meal?  How can I make this snack have more?  This mornings breakfast was fun – 6  Power Foods.  It was a little trickier today, going to the movies with The Girl.  She rolled her eyes as I packed half an avocado, string cheese and a handful of almonds (3 Power Foods) into my purse.  But hey, I didn’t even ask for one Sour Patch kid and it wasn’t even a struggle.  Came home and here is where it got a little dicey.  The Architect was washing my car (Magic Mike has nothing on my guy in board shorts!) and he was hungry.  He was good with a shake and those are a huge hit on the Abs Diet.  This one had Milk, Whey Power, Mangoes, Blueberries, Strawberries, Oatmeal and a handful of Spinach, blended with ice and coconut water.  That was 7 Power Foods!  

Now don’t worry.  Every post will not be about Power Foods and what I did and didn’t eat, but I do want to find a way to hold myself accountable.  I’ll work on that and let you know.  In the past, I had a chart where I marked the number of Power Foods and that seemed to work.

There is so much more to us than our weight.  If I felt great I probably wouldn’t even care what my weight is, but I don’t, and I think my weight is a big part of it.  Bottom line – my hips hurt, my shoulders hurt, my neck hurts, I have no energy and no stamina.  Today.  Tomorrow will be better, and the day after that, even more so.   Who’s with me?


(Oh yeah, legal stuff – I’m not advocating anyone follow the Abs Diet or any diet.  I am following what I think will work for me.  We’ll see in the end if I was right.  Comment and let me know what works for you, and share your success.  We’ll get where we want to be together, I just know it!)


3 responses to “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

    • Jueseppi, the Great Sewage Spill was, indeed, handled, thanks to an awesome angel in overalls named Vern. We are still down one bath, as my sanctuary tub is in the process of being installed. Stay tuned… 🙂

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